Mesiniaga is fully committed towards safeguarding shareholder value and to ensuring the best returns for investors.

We will uphold good business practices and organisational administration to ensure fair profit and yield for investors' capital.

We will practise transparency, accountability, responsibility and internal controls (risk mitigation) across the board to ensure shareholders' rights and interests are protected; in accordance with The Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance.

Continuing to earn your support, trust and confidence by meeting and exceeding your expectations, Mesiniaga strives to maintain an open disposition towards your feedback and input on the company. We look forward to build a more successful Mesiniaga while building successful relationships with you.

Board Charter

Download our Board Charter in PDF format.

Other Corporate Governance Disclosure

  • Directors’ training


    Board Leadership/ Corporate Governance
    • National Seminar on Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance
    • Leading Change @ The BRAIN
    • Sustainable Reporting
    • Highlights of the New Companies Act 2016
    Risk Management/ Internal Audit
    • Workshop for Board Audit Committee Members on Effective Internal Audit Function
    • FIDE FORUM’s Focus Group Discussion with BNM’s Senior Management
    • 4th BNM-FIDE FORUM Annual Dialogue with the Deputy Governor of BNM
    • Briefing on MFRS 9
    • Driving Financial Integrity & Performance – Enhancing Financial Literacy
    • Analytics Innovation Forum
    • The Future of Fintech/Digital Disruption
    • Talent to Value Workshop
  • Directors’ remuneration


    Detail information on named basis regarding the remuneration of each individual Director are not disclosed as the Board considered the information is sensitive and proprietary, besides the issue of personal security is also taken into consideration and may be wrongly used or quoted by certain parties.

    The transparency and accountability aspects of corporate governance applicable to the remuneration of the Directors are deemed appropriately served by the below disclosures:-

    1) Aggregate remuneration categorised into the appropriate components is as follows:-

    RM ('000) Executive Director Non-Executive Director
    Fees - 248
    Salaries 984 -
    Other emoluments 209 25
    Defined Contribution plan 63 -

    2) The number of Directors’ remuneration component in bands width of RM50,000 as below:-

    No. of Executive Directors No. of Non-Executive Directors
    Below RM50,000 0 4
    RM50,001 to RM100,000 0 2
    RM100,001 to RM150,000 0 0
    RM150,001 to RM200,000 0 0
    RM200,001 to RM250,000 1 0
    RM250,001 to RM300,000 0 0
    RM350,001 to RM500,000 0 0
    RM500,001 to RM1,000,000 0 0
    RM1,000,001 to RM1,050,000 1 0

Corporate Governance Report

Download our corporate governance report in PDF format.

Annual Reports

Download our Annual Report in PDF format. (2017)

Past Annual Reports

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Bursa Announcements

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Financial Announcements

Mesiniaga unaudited quarterly report on financial results

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