Introducing NETSYS CARE, a service by Mesiniaga that allows you to design & maintain your desired uptime
  • Decide your uptime
  • Reduce your maintenance cost
  • Prevent unplanned breakdowns
We are the best at break-fix resolution in Malaysia

Most Number of Engineers

Our engineers located nationwide will be the first to arrive at your location

Best Productivity Tool

Job assignments are fully automated and assigned via Mesiniaga's Workforce+

Spares on Demand

Our robust sparing strategy is designed to ensure that required parts are always available

Experienced Engineers

Leverage upon highly skilled expertise made available via our knowledge base system and communication channels

Our focus now..
Preventing breakdowns from happening
Planned Downtime

Once vulnerabilities are detected, we will inform you and schedule for remediation

Early Fault Detection

We manage end-user expectation 24/7 by informing you if your network or servers are about to fail

Quickest Remediation

Early detection of issues allows us to plan the remediation and ensures the fastest resolution

Change your uptime experience within 4 weeks
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Network study and assessment
Tools installation and configuration
Gap analysis report
Week 1 & Week 2

Network study & assessment

Week 3 & Week 4

Tools installation and configuration

Gap analysis report

Week 5


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